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Deciding to buy

Everyone has their own reason for buying their new home in our beautiful Western Coachella Valley. We must always keep in mind, however, that purchasing a residential property is most likely one of the biggest financial decisions many of us will ever make. This is a decision to be made only when armed with the best information and professional Realtor services available.


The Western Coachella Valley has several wonderful, vibrant, beautiful cities which could be your next home. Which one? There is a myriad of options to consider, including:

  • Will this property be your primary residence or a second home?
  • Perhaps it is for investment. Do you want to supplement your cost of ownership by providing it as a vacation rental when you are not using it?
  • Do you prefer Mid Century Modern, Spanish, or traditional? Do you want to live in a gated community or a traditional neighborhood?
  • Do you want to be near golf courses, entertainment resources, bicycle paths, hiking trails or certain specialized medical facilities?
  • Do you like to bicycle or hike our many mountain trails?
  • How important is a Mountain View or a desert view?
  • Do you plan to commute to another city for work and need to be near the airport or the best highway access points?

These are just a few of the many important aspects you need to consider when deciding on where you want to live.

HOWEVER: What you don’t want to do is buy a home and then find out that there is a different part of the desert, a different city, that you wish you had explored. Even within one of our cities there are so many wonderful choices. In the City of Palm Springs itself, for instance, there are 50 different and distinct neighborhoods to consider.

If you are new to our desert communities we can discuss all the various options open to you. Together we can decide on the perfect home in the perfect location that best meets your unique needs and lifestyle.